I want random weapons around the map back.

It just doesn’t feel right for a Halo game where you have to kill people to get a “power weapon”.

I rather random weapons being laid in specific spots around the map.

I mean if you needed a weapon to save your own life (like a shotgun), or to help your team (like rocket launcher), in the past you just had to find it or kill the guy who has it.

Now you have to get kills to get them…it just feels really off and take away from the Halo experience.

the fact that there are no default weapons on the map should raise a red flag right away. i can understand ordinances for power weapons but not having the basic ones on the map is unacceptable.

Totally agreed. Just another aspect of Halo that 343 abandonded in favor of a more cod-like experience.

Hopefully the MLG or Classic playlists will be good enough to bring Halo 4 to the level of Halo 1, 2, and 3.