I want more Locke, preferably a game for him?

I may have a different view compared to most but what is the point to having a forum then to not discuss about different things?

I really enjoyed Locke. Loved playing his character and quite frankly wouldn’t mind having him play a much larger role in future games or even a spin-off game for him. I feel like Halo needed more characters and he seems like the perfect fit for a major character and hell! Halo 6 should consist of him and chief side by side like with Halo 3 w/ the Arbiter! Dont get me wrong the Arbiter is still one of the best alien side kicks of all Sci Fi franchises, but as I said Locke needs to play a larger role.

I’m down for a Locke spin off. Just want them to develop his character better than how he was represented in Halo 5.

I really liked the vibe of Locke in the first live-action trailer where he is about to execute Chief. Had badass written all over him and gave a Darth Vader-esque vibe.

Wonder if we’ll see a spin off after Halo Wars 2 and before Halo 6.

I actually liked his characters development over the series. He became more of a, I know what needs to be done guy than a i’m just going to follow orders guy. Them teaming up at the end of Halo 5 was just about as satisfying as Chief teaming up with Arby to kill tartarus and kill regret. I think we might get 8 player online co-op for Halo 6. Chief and Locke both goin ham against Cortana in a huge alliance with every alien species in the galaxy that Cortana affects with her guardians. Either that or. Stealthy missions with Locke. And run and gun missions with chief. People don’t understand that Halo 5 is the game locke is introduced in. I understand that he’s not the best character, but neither was Chief in CE. He had like 5 lines in this game. And I actually respect locke for having the balls to fight chief. Them being a team means they can both develop their weaknesses. Chief will learn how to actually talk and be emotional develop some social skills. And locke will learn how to kick -Yoink- learning from the veteran himself. Win-win.

I’d be down for a Locke game. Just dont make him steal the Chiefs spotlight again!

I like Locke and I don’t mind having him as co-protagonist. But I thought Halo 5 would be 50% Locke and 50% Chief, and the story would have unreliable narrators and we would basically replay the same level through different points of view while learning new information… but nothing like that happened, Halo 5’s narrative was as basic as every game out there and Locke was the protagonist through 80% of the game. That was disappointing. I hope Halo 6 is more like they said Halo 5 would be.