I want Matchmaking Objective Firefight on Campaign maps!!!!

What is the ultimate game type?
Like most people it’s either matchmaking or campaign but why no firefight? Why?
Unlike most questions I already have the answer like most questions it includes a change on current FPS.

Matchmaking Objective Firefight on Campaign maps!!!
Easily said the best campaign type is all three put together!!!

Imagine two teams fighting for their objectives on a neutral plant the bomb destroy covenant ship with covenant showing up on the way. Meet up with other teams on a multilevel campaign like missions. Disobey team orders, betray team to objective and obtain sides to either lone wolf or team play the objective. Points are awarded on multiple levels of in game progress. What is done in game unlocks certain play perks and may hurt or make your progress in the game type. Show up as a rebel or a noble as the match goes on. Teammates will know what you’ve been doing, betray your teammate for objective and you will have the mark of that honor.
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