I want Halo not call of duty

Seeing ppl crouching around corners snipping is cod not halo. Halo is run and gun with grenades at the hip. Cod is suppose to be slower because you are an armorless Soldier but in Halo you are a Super Soldier with armor this should naturally make for a different play style. I like both games but for different reasons. If it’s just the same crap then I’ll just stick to the one that embodies its nature. Introduction of computer gamers changes the fundamental aspect of the game. I can’t believe how similar these two games have become. Halo use to be the place of coop split screen but even that’s gone. There is nothing exceptional about Halo except the mediocre story and nostalgia. And that won’t last. Lean into what makes halo exceptional not what others are doing!


Ironically, I’ve only ever seen this happen in Halo 3.

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Comparison is the thief of joy