I want Decimus in HALO WARS 2 to live

Atriox pays the cost to keep Decimus alive
I hope you’re looking for a medical technology to restore Decimus…
Atriox seems to be willing to sacrifice for its purpose.
However, he has a special feeling for Decimus, who has followed him since the beginning.
I hope that’s the case.

Decimus would be cool if he could resurrect as a cyborg.
It gave rise to the idea of ​​divining the Forerunner in him.
Contrary to Atriox’s feelings, it would be interesting if Decimus became a trigger to remember Covenant beliefs.

Decimus is Atriox’s underling, younger brother and best partner.

He is an existence that connects the old-fashioned brute-ness with the idea of Atriox.
I love him, Pavium and the Voridus brothers too.

I don’t think resurrection is in the cards for banished. Culturally they have been shown to want to either stand victorious or fall to a warriors death. I mean, was he literally willing to suffer the loss of his entire home planet just to not kneel to Cortana’s tyranny.


I see, that’s the correct interpretation! I like Atriox’s emphasis on honor. I’m curious about what other Banished officers are like.

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Decimus was originally planned to return from the dead as a Flood Combat Form in Awakening the Nightmare as evidenced in its concept art…


Decimus flooding is impressive

Impressive enemy expressions are also lacking, so I think the resurrection is not bad, but it’s probably not realistic.