I don’t care about the changes they’re making, it will keep the game interesting, but they need to bring back competitive True Skill based playlists!! I’m talking more than just MLG, I want ranked snipers, slayer doubles etc. I would rather have to deal with a few boosters, than not have competitive matchmaking period. Gears of War changed the ending when it heard its fans outcry, lets do the same for Halo 4, I’m not asking for much, just re use the H3 system. Please hep me tell 343 that we want competitive playlists!

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You can have experience based ranks, and skill based ranks. Maybe your experience determines your grade, and your true skill determines your rank. (ie TS 35 = Major, 600 exp = grade 3) or something like that. Or just not incoporate ranked into rank at all. Either way.