I want compensation for having to spend real dollars to be able to change challenges

The fact we are forced to use challenge swaps to get randomized challenges, and having to utilize multiple challenge swaps to hopefully get a challenge we want to complete is completely predatory and I’m tired of dealing with it.

Honestly 343, you wonder why you are losing players and yet you keep these practices. This is a formal request for monetary in-game compensation for this predatory service. Literally other games have been sued for the gambling style of loot boxing items. Challenge swaps for “preferrable” challenges is no different.

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You can try but they probably won’t be giving anyone anything.

At least the challenges are much better now.

I’m guessing this is more of a rant than an actual request. You’re not getting any compensation back.

Did any cosmetic ever get rotated back around at a lower price than originally sold for? I know there was a huge thread discussing it when they talked about lowering store prices. (Maybe @KCD0DGER knows?) To my knowledge, nobody was ever compensated if that did happen. That would be much more likely to happen than you getting compensation back for challenge swaps just because you disagree with the system.

I agree, it is a bad system that is intended to manipulate players to waste their money on valueless things, that’s why I don’t purchase them.

Iirc there was a item that returned but it was on “sale”