i want change isabel's ability

isabel need to new ability for warthog which can build in 1 tier.

so, she can use 1 command point to build gerage and warthog (without any other mechanic unit changed) in 1 tier.

how about this idea?

(thanks for understanding my bad english)

She would be disgustingly broken lol

I think that would be very broken, there are no vehicle counters at T1.

Additionally, I think part of the challenge/trade-off with Isabel is her weaker early game but great mid-late game.

I am an Isabel player and now that warthog are so good I don’t think can be balance. It could just destroy competition and destroy the game…

The only things that this game need is to change Voridus and tweet slightly few small things. That is all.

okay… just i feel that isabel isn’t good in team or 1vs1. thx for opinion