I want an option to decide which servers i play on

I want to be able to pick which servers i can connect to and which i cant. Im tired of being on servers over 100, most are 150-220ms at this point.

Id rather wait longer for my own server than you just to throw me on a random one across the world.

Common this is game basics…

This is one of the reasons why I barely play the game anymore. Desync and latency do not make for an enjoyable gaming experience.

We had this issue with Halo5 until they implemented the in game search server filters plus we were able to geo filter. With Halo Infinite there aren’t search filters and they blocked geo filters.

343i are killing their own game by the choices and decisions they make.

I have no idea why the desync is so bad though, even when im lucky to get on my own server at 20ms im still getting consistent latency issues of hits not registering. I feel crossplay is causing some of it but its never been so consistent for me like this in other halo games (i skipped MCC as it was just a reboot)

Thats if i can get on my server, usually im 100+ best iv had in hours was a 88/89. Thats just not acceptable, joke arcade games have better consistent servers

I agree. They blamed desync on players using geo filter…that has been proved to be false. You’re not the only one to have suspicions that crossplay is a cause but there is no way to prove it (and people that say “it can’t be because other games don’t have the issue” isn’t a valid argument because the other games don’t use the same broken game engine and coding). Personally I think it’s a number of factors but it basically comes down to bad game and server design, coding and implementation…and what really matters is that clearly 343i don’t have a clue either unless the telemetry they released in the update has found the cause of the issue.