I want a long campaign!

I really hope Halo 4 does not end up being like Halo 3 in campaign length. I want this halo single player campaign to be a long one. I want hours upon hours to utilize every weapon and vehicle in the sandbox. Make this campaign the longest one in halo history. Let us explore every nook and cranny of this planet : )

You thought Halo 3’s campaign was short? It felt pretty standard for this day and age. And while a long campaign would be nice, I don’t want them to artificially lengthen it the way that some other developers do. I’d rather a compact campaign with a good story than a lengthy, meandering mess.

I would rather have a Halo 3 campaign than a Metal Gear Solid 4 campaign.

I agree absolutely! Halo 3 Campaign was overall the best of the series but it was a little short (Takes 7 hours on heroic to me even if i’m playing relaxedly) 10+ hours on heroic would be something to dream about! BUT only and only if longer campaign has the same variability as Halo 3 has (Easily the best sectioning in the games on market!). I don’t want Halo: CE type campaign where they use same places all over again (even though Halo: CE is the best halo :P)

I want long campaign, long qualified campaign for Halo 4! The story is that what makes me want Halo 4, not primary the multiplayer.

start to finish on normal at a fast pace, me and a friend co-op’d H3’s campaign in just over an hour. on heroic it took us only a bit longer at approximately 2hours, H1+2 took between 2 or 3 hours longer each when we played them with the same speed focus play style on the same difficulties.

but the good thing about the campaigns in halo isn’t how long it takes but how good it feels, halo 3 took less time yes, but it didn’t skimp on the story to do it, it was just faster paced, like there was urgency to your actions, in H1 you were slowed to make you feel the sense of awe/mystery about the story, in halo 2 it was just a longer campaign but the addition of the arbiter levels really help glue the story together, play H2 but skip the arbiter levels and cut scenes (except the ones with the chief in also) and tell me that it makes sense, it most probably wont. and then H3 would make even less sense.

that first trilogy is like a good film, it has an impressive build up (H1), a good action section in the middle with story included (H2) and a fast paced finish still with story (H3). if this new trilogy can pull off the same level of story then it will be a good campaign.