I uninstalled Halo Infinite after 254hrs of gameplay. Challenges need fixed

I know a lot of people are experiencing the same problem. I myself like to collect vanity items that are free. I don’t have a ton of disposable income and usually buy battle passes and call it a day. There are a lot of aspects of Halo infinite that are really enjoyable, but after finishing the battle pass, I have no access to challenge swaps.

Today I log in to finish up my challenges after grinding 14 hrs out this weekend trying to finish them. I have two stronghold challenges where I have to win 2 stronghold matches. The odds of getting a stronghold match about 17% and quick play is not my preferred game mode, so I join/leave games till stronghold after 10 games I get this user is banned message. With no other information, so I have to research how long this ban is outside of the game. I understand it’s to prevent people from doing what I’m doing, but if you’re going to force me to play quick play to get a random chance at a game mode to finish the challenge and I have a limited time to play I’m going to join/leave to get it done.

This is the 2nd week that I haven’t had challenge swaps and the challenge system still has ridiculous challenges, for example the 3rd one I’m sitting on is save and ally from an enemy at range. Which is ridiculous for a challenge, I have to wait for an enemy to attack my teammate and then out damage the enemy before he kills my teammate.

I understand that these are free and they don’t have to give us vanity items at all, but a system that requires 30-40hrs of gameplay a week for a single free vanity item is beyond ridiculous. I’m not a streamer or content creator and I play the game for fun.

I will not be checking this post/forum, I just wanted to get my frustration out. I have uninstalled Halo infinite and plan to go back to other games I’ve played that respect the player’s time. The game is good, but it needs a lot of fine tuning. I feel like I’m playing a beta and I would have loved for this to be a long-time fps that I play, but at this time the game just isn’t ready for me.


I have the same thing, they are not going to fix the challenges for a while probably. If you want less annoying challenges, go play Halo: MCC or 5 (even though most people hate 5)

Best of luck in future endeavors