I understand fully when people say no more to do

I just recently finished up my first full week of fractures and I was finally bothered enough to finish the weekly ult.

As soon as I was finished and lvld 12 ranks (thank you double XP), I was admiring all my cool-ish loot when I went to que up and then thought about it… Why?

Why waste 2xp on 50xp games. Why waste my time in customs when I can go back to the modded Skyrim I have with so far 25+ hours and many more to go. And before this post gets locked YES I have a reason for this.

I’m a casual player. I jump in do my daily 5 and jump out. There’s no reason to stay and play. Fun of the game? What’s fun about this currently? Even in h2 we had stats to show off.

It’s blatantly even more apparent to me now that we really have nothing to do. Nothing to put in time for aside from the scraps of cosmetics we get in the pass or bust tail during fomo to get fractures done.

One of the biggest things that keeps halo alive is Social, PVE, And rank n stats. Without those it feels like I’m training for an HCS team I’ll never be a part of.

How would you change this? Does anyone have any ideas to help me negate these feelings and get a few more hours of playtime?

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I have been enjoying running through the campaign again.


I don’t understand people complaining about its replay value, I like doing things differently that I have previously. I’ve been able to just go through as fast as reasonably and thrivably possible (Nowhere near speedrun level) and I’ve been able to do everything possible and a little extra and get a Striker Sidekick for the conservatory. I’ve done like two skull runs (I missed out on the conservatory skull the first time due to confusion.) I’m currently training for a Legendary run. Stuff like that keeps me busy.

Other than that I’ve been working for Onyx, but that doesn’t sound like it works for you as a casual player.

On the topic of how I would fix it. I’d make ranked more rewarding. Give coatings for being an Onyx, have a designated Slayer playlist. And a big third mode would help as well. Be it firefight or a BR.

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At its core, 343’s map design has virtually no replayability. You don’t feel like challenging the map systems anymore. You kinda just hop on and do what you have to and get off. Every map is not fun. Every map is plagued by randomness and annoying map design.

Randomness =/ Replayability
Fun = Replayability

Get. This. Right.

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I fully agree, that the maps in this game are awful, some people say “just play to have fun”, I agree, but the maps in this game are so boring and lack anything that resembles imagination, there is only so much fun that can be extracted from mediocre.

The maps in this game would take no more than a couple of hours each to put together, so 343 maybe hire some high school students to make some cool maps or at least some more maps, but sadly I think what’s in the game is in the game, if they add something new, they must take something away.

It’s quite obvious there is a scaling-up problem. it’s already evident as playlists are moved around, called something else, game types that are almost identicle with only tiny modifications to make them seem different.
The arena maps in this game can be explored in 15 seconds, from one end to the other. Fun Fun Fun, but hey, it’s worth it for that Hat.

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