I told you, all of you! (Roadmap)

I told you y’all didn’t want a roadmap. Now you’ve got one and you do not like it. You know what happens with Roadmaps? One of TWO things.

1: They don’t satisfy the fans and they start complaining.

2: They do satisfy and the company doesn’t meet the target or things get removed.

Y’all wanted a roadmap in theory but NO FANDOM I HAVE EVER SEEN actually wanted the roadmap they got.

The most predictable response.


I also had a feeling the rest of the year would not look good. The game was released in such a mess, it will take time to smooth things out, before 343 can really work on new content.

But I do have a small hope, they only listed the bare minimum, to be safe. They may have some things in the works, that could be added to Season 2, at some point.


I don’t want a road map, I like surprises. But sadly, the only surprises we get are disappointments…
I want the bugs worked out and the rest of the base game completed, and it to play well…

So hard to just get the BARE MINIMUM out of 343. .

343: “Man do we have a bunch of new content for you guys!”
Fanbase: “What about all the bugs and glitches?”
343: crickets…
343: “Here take some new cosmetics that we’ll force you to buy.”
Old fans - Meh, greedy YOINKS, Young fans - YAY take my money!!!
343: “Bet, we’re doing a great job!”


How old are you? Most Millennials are extra jaded and most Gen Z now-adults aren’t saying yay but cynically giving money since it’s the world they grew up in. No offense. Just, probably need to refresh your perspective a little.

Here’s hoping.

At least the new armor core is free, that’s pretty cool.



Nobody’s forcing you to buy anything. You can go through this whole multiplayer experience free.


No offense taken, I’m 32. I’d say most 30+ are pissed at the F2P model with lucrative customization sales, because we grew up grinding for gear and rewards, and anyone teenage and younger probably love it the way it is because, like you said, that’s what they know.
My perspective is well rounded. I see the forest AND the trees. I understand how the gens view things but (IMO) that doesn’t excuse the way companies have changed their marketing schemes.
The fact that companies are skimping out on sinking compassion and attention to detail into games at the behest of quick gimmicks like customization (I.E. uniqueness - which is what most younger gens want) for their main revenue stream is not a model to build the future of gaming on (again IMO)


And I can have a bunch of BS coatings and add ons. The point I’m making is that there is no motivation to keep playing the game when a newbie can walk right in and have way more customization that someone who has been grinding since day one and refuses to spend money on the game besides buying the actual game. There are no challenges to strive toward, there are no rare armors that have to be “earned” beyond the stupid repetitive crap in the “events”. Where are all the other older armors? Why do we have to pay for cool skins and colors? The older Halo games would let you pick and adjust a bunch of colors, but now (for instance" if I want a black and blue armor or the Ironman color armor, I cannot have it unless I SPEND money on it… Regardless that I paid 60 bucks for a broken game that should have been a WHOLE game. WITH all the cool crap already there.
Stop defending 343 and attacking other fans because they’re poor or would like Halo to be like Halo always has been. Changing the recipe then complaining at the people who loved the old flavor is really stupid, weak and closed minded.
We (the older fans) would love new add ons, but what they have done IS BLATANT BS… We’re not against BR, F2P, or the new model but we definitely despise being FORCED to be a part of it and the pathetic state that it is in.


I’m way older than that… and quite happy with MTX. I must be an outlier…


I can’t say I’ve heard many older heads support the new scheme. But we are all unique with our own perspectives and that’s what makes the community great. However, I feel we can all agree that the latest Halo is a mere shadow of what Halo should be. . . Maybe


Well, I mean they just got the timing of the roadmap mixed up imo.

It would’ve been received much better if it was released earlier and/or saddled with new info.


No, people wanted a road map, just not one that only shows more delays and more long times of no content or patches, road maps can be good. But not when its mostly bad news.


The hivemind has become too reactionary and needs to cool its jets.

Complaining got us what we wanted. Now that we got it, we should be thankful

Its like training a dog: scold it when its bad, reward it when its good. The community is WAY too bitter to reward good behavior, and its embarassing.


6 months for Season 2, non ipsum bonum why did they ever think this is okay

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It’s bad for the community to expect a highly funded studio to be able to release actual content quicker, and be displeased when that content gets even more delayed? I mean it’s cool you’re fine eating crumbs you can find near the trash can and be happy with that, sorry this communities very low expectations for even bare minimum content is too “reactionary”.

This game released with not enough content at ALL, it needed 10x the amount and it would’ve been at least bearable for most players that haven’t already either quit this game or have moved on to others that can keep their attention.


I think you guys need to understand that 343 probably had no plan for post release content until the game actually shipped out in the first place. It seems maybe they did have plans for post content last year or the year before, but the Pandemic screwed up everything for the studio and they unfortunately set the deadline themselves to get Infinite out in late 2021. We should have gotten another delay on this game for another year at this point until late 2022.

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You ARE aware that NO “Good” roadmap has EVER been met? And is always used as a bludgeon against the devs when that doesn’t happen?

I’m gonna’ be totally real and say that the Halo community by and large doesn’t deserve a damn thing lol.

Because they’re still making money from it. Remember, Microsoft has pushed a lot of crap on 343i they definitely don’t want. And they can do that, because they OWN that studio and have forever. Bungie could -barely- fight back, but they could. But 343i is a creation OF Microsoft’s.


Remember, there’s people here who don’t think that’s real, so they never consider how badly that messed things up.

You’d think they’d have the resources. They do. But this kind of thing is on purpose.

This isn’t an accident.


Tired of the covid excuse, tons of other studios worked around it with close to no issue, theres no reason this highly funded game released as barren as it did, it was in development far before anything from covid affected it. I really want to see what they were going to release before they delayed it for a year.


It launched w/ as many maps as old Halo games. And the “DLC” came faster than most older titles

Methinks the lady doth protest too much


This ain’t a roadmap bruv, this is a kids menu. A roadmap typically covers multiple seasons and is packed with dates. Look at Destiny, they have development roadmaps, seasonal roadmaps, and patch roadmaps, for 3+ seasons at a time. Halo Infinite has TBA for a small handful of stuff for 1 season over the next 6 months. It’s not a roadmap. This tells us nothing else is coming, and there is no guarantee anything is coming. Co-op split screen is “Maybe 2023”. It’s a jokemap.


Fun fact, Bungie has remote work from home career options, because shocker, you only need a computer to do your job. “Work from home” was the whole virus slogan. 343 apparently couldn’t get the job done without walking into the office. Countless outsourcing, but they can’t work from home? Okay. Another excuse is they are getting burnt out. They only have a one-year contract. If you are burnt out and you haven’t even worked a full year yet, sitting in a chair on a computer is not for you.