I thought we would still be able to track Spartan Company progress?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is any way to still continue to see commendation completions on here? I thought 343 mentioned that while Spartan companies would be locked, they would still be trackable during the transition process? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Nope. There was a blog post about a week or two ago saying that Spartan Companies wouldn’t be coming along with the transition to the new website. You can no longer edit or view Spartan Companies - you can still earn progress towards Achilles but you just can’t see it.


Noooooo, so unfortunate. Thanks for the information!


They mentioned in an earlier post that third-party APIs would be able to track certain stats (e.g. mccstats[.]com), but that Spartan Companies would be no more.

If I can find a website for Halo 5 that would actually be pretty great. If you know of one I’d appreciate it!

I’d have to check it out when I get a chance! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before for Spartan company commendations, just personal commendation completions.

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Quite unfortunate indeed - you’re welcome though, glad I could clear that up

As @TheDonCJG mentioned - the API still runs, so there are options for tracking.

You could write your own script if you know Phyton.

If you have a discord account - you can use the Halo dBot for a lot of this too.

Don’t get me wrong though - not having the basic UI here on Waypoint sucks a bunch. I hope they have time to bring it forward later.


If I remember correctly, it’s still possible to track your Spartan Company progress through the public Halo API as long as you know the Spartan Company name.

You are correct. If you were in a company pre-vNext Waypoint, it will still track your companies progress, even though you can’t see it.

There is a halo bot called "Halo dBot) its in the official halo discord server and it allows you to view spartan company progress still its what i have been using, you can only view spartan company stuff if in a partnered server, i use its own or you can view company progress on your own server if you are a patreon supporter (i think its $1 a month for premium commands)
You can also use commands to view your xp level and some other stuff.

I highly recommend using this bot if you are a spartan company that is still trying to get achillies.

So Achilles isn’t obtainable unless you were already in a company before the update? That kinda sucks. I have the chest but never got the helmet and was kicked out of the company because I wasn’t actively playing Halo 5 for a while. Any new player would also not be able to get the armor either. An alternate way to unlock Achilles should probably be added, or just hand it out to everyone in a year or something.

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I could see handing it out to everyone making a lot of people upset, having spent a lot of time grinding the armor set out. I wouldn’t overall be surprised if they did hand it out eventually though in some capacity (E.g. a req pack or something similar).

Then what’s the point of grinding if newbies would just automatically get one of the most sought-after armor piece in the entire Halo franchise?

So I can no longer join a Spartan company?

The ability to join a Spartan Company got removed around 10 days ago when Halo Waypoint got a major overhaul.

However, the Spartan Companies do still technically exist and it’s also possible to access data related to the Spartan Companies from the public Halo API.

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It also sucks you can’t look up other people’s stats now. I like to know my friends K/d for a non-flaming reason

I believe they should give it to people that reach rank 151 or 152 since new players can’t get it now and the rewards for reaching 151 and 152 is very lack luster.

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