I thought this was an M rated game?-Spartan Chat

Don’t you ever think who is talking in the spartan chat, its stupid and gay. I didn’t buy halo to remember the COD lobby I just came out of, to the point of “Hey you shot me”- ill tell my mom… I would be deeply appreciative if you would refrain from speaking. RIGHT NOW. I would be happy if Sergeant Johnson whooped the announcers -Yoink- and showed that not every “Headshot” is a MOM get the CAMERA! I mean the announcer now sounds like he is a barbie doll the way he’s saying “overkill” like he’s taunting the children… Go back to classic Halo, you said its based of 2 and 3. And if I cant turn Spartan Chat off and sprint is optional is custom games I will certainly will not be buying this game, never mind the fact you included the SMG but not 'The SMG’s!!!" (combo) from 2 and 3. Seriously you need to rethink your strategy… GAMEPLAY BEFORE MAP LOOKS 343!!!

Okay I understood none of that

The exaggeration of people with the spartan chat is really beyond me. There is a bit of redundancy in some of their lines, but people make it out to be much more than it is.

In on this thread full of nonsense.