I thought this was a "Halo Community"

Why is it that whenever the topic is on intel regarding Halo: CE Anniv. or Halo 4 that people say 343i is running out of time. No matter what game comes out this November, or next year, I will always have the newest Halo title on my priority list. I’m not a CoD fan, Battlefield fan, nor am I a Gears fan. I love TES but it will have to wait a little while I play my Halo.

I have been playing since CE and have always put the Halo franchise as my priority when it comes to my extra dollars. It is just too good to miss on launch and that experience is priceless. All I’m saying is that, you shouldn’t ask 343i for early info and say they will lose fans to other games. Because if someone really is a Halo fan, then they wouldn’t let some other title get in the way.

True dat. Halo Love or Eat a Dove!!!