I thought of another question

Remember in Halo 2. When you went to create a custom game. Theres was an option to set the rounds to First to win 4 rounds. Or 3 or what ever. Could we get that back?

I wanna make a game type I made in Halo 2 again. Ill explain it.

First to Win 4 Rounds Wins.

1 life per round.

Start with BR and SHOTGUN

FFA. 3 or 5 min rounds.

Heres the cool part…Do ya know what I called this custom game type in HALO 2?

I called it LONE WOLF. Every time we would start a custom game to play it. The room would fill up. So. I would appreciate it if you guys could fix the Rounds.

At that time my gamer tag was Halosquach