I thought most people hated this game.

While waiting for the results of IGN Versus: H4 vs. BO2, I wanna show you two pieces of info…

The first thing is the reviews…

GameTrailers - 9/10
G4TV - 4.5/5
Game Informer - 9.25/10
Official Xbox Magazine - 9.5/10
Destructoid - 10/10
Joystiq - 5/5
IGN - 9.8/10
GameSpot - 9/10

And on GameRankings it has 87.12%, and on Metacritic it has 87/100 (What’s Metacritic? Click/Tap here to read some Wikipedia stuffs.. GameRankings is the same but only for video games)

The second thing is this topic here that I made and continue to update and promote and stuff…

liamevanspro’s Halo 4 POLL: Love it or hate it?

Right now Halo 4 is at 71% LOVE!

So what’s up? I thought most people hated this game! Or at least 50 percent!!

Anyways, I will post the results of the IGN Versus at this link:

IGN Versus: H4 vs Blops 2 (Halo Waypoint forums)


( winking face )

They always rate everything well. Little (if any) exceptions.

I don’t hate Halo 4 per se, but it certainly needs improvements.

I don’t know if you’ve notice, but hyperbole is how the people on the Internet communicate.

> They always rate everything well. Little (if any) exceptions.

Who is they?

There are three people/things rating the game here!

The popular review sites. (IGN, Destructoid, etc.)

Metacritic and GameRankings (which average the scores from like 50ish popular sites)

And the people in my forum (People like you)

I am far from hating Halo 4 actually. I think it is the best one out of the series! Other people hate it and it saddens me, but at least the game reviewers are giving it a good score. :slight_smile:

Forums are a loud minority.

Key words are loud and minority.

Do the math.

I am not blindly defending 343 here as Halo 4 has a lot of updating to go through before it can be the game it needs to be.

What i am saying is don’t let these Halo forums think everyone hates Halo 4 because is not the case.