I thought BT social was staying after the Yappening?

After the winter update I signed in to play with some friends and the social big team playlist is gone now? That was literally the only big team playlist I played. Now we get attrition instead? How does social BT become a rotating playlist returning for only 2 weeks?! WTF? So all Halo is now is people coming back every couple months to play a playlist they enjoy for a week or two during an event or a rotating playlist???

Why can’t we just play BT slayer with random weapons? We’re not allowed to have fun and are constantly being forced to play the game how someone else dictates. I’ve been playing Halo since 2004 and have never not been able to play modes I wanted to play. BT fiesta and arena fiesta are the only two game modes I play consistently. I’ll try other stuff to play something else, but my core playlists are fiesta since Halo 5.

At least in MCC I have a choice of what I want to play. I only have so much time after work to do something like this and I am not going to play a game where I have no choice in what playlist I want to be in. So I guess I’ll come back for s couple weeks in December when we temporarily get social BT again for 2 weeks and probably not pick up s controller again for…? Fantastic

The UI limitations have done more to discourage my ability to have fun with this game more than ANYTHING


They’ve moved stuff around now that they’re doing rotating playlists and have condensed some playlists together or at least added some of the game types and modes from the other lists into one. I believe big team is one of these because they have moved some of the game types from social big team into big team. So if you still want to play social big team just play normal big team eventually you’ll get some of the games. Which I know is not exactly ideal if you’re wanting to play specifically the social big team game types.

They did keep Sprockets at least, that was placed in Big Team Battle.

The real solution is to just abandon the game until they stop removing playlists. It sucks but it is what it is.

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They’ll be doing rotations to incentivize you logging in to play the playlists you actually want to, but in general they don’t want to spread the population too thin.

Yeah sure, if you can like. Find a match.

The only incentive that gives me is the incentive to delete the game and free up my ssd space. TS, Team obj, FFA, Snipers, SWAT, Doubles, BTB. Every single one of these is NECESSARY in Halo. If any one of these playlists is missing from the game when I boot it up then I’m exiting to desktop, every single time.


lmao that’s the opposite of what one should do this is so funny

ok bye!

I honestly bet that’s just a myth they started to justify any silly moves they make. I can’t believe that the current engine, the slipspace engine (which is a heavily modified version of the Blam! engine) has so many problems that it can’t have too many playlists or the UI breaks. The Blam! engine was quite stable and literally ran every previous main halo game well, so how did the slipspace engine just become this weird variant of Blam that no longer allows for “too many playlists”??

I’m sorry, but I know bs when I see/smell it. That line they keep feeding us about it’s limitations makes me chuckle every time I hear it!

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I believe that it may be a QA issue not a technical one. MS has some studies in regard to designing UIs that state that there should not be to many options at once on the screen in order to not put pressure on people cognitive abilities. And I believe that UI ideea become a QA rule and that probably means they limit the number of playlists in order to meet the QA requirements. For sure there is no technical problem there and I know people hate 343i and are mistified by tech but I’m sure the senior engineers at 343i are good at their jobs and any bugs in UI could be fixed fast if there were or project managers will not prioritize something else.

Have you seen Fortnite lately? That’s probably the other end of the spectrum from MS. I was completely overwhelmed by the number of modes available. I ended up logging out, uninstalling without even playing a single mode. :melting_face: