I though Halo Infinite was all about customization?

I Purchased the Cloud 9 HCS skin for $10. I love the black armor with blue color highlights. But I can’t add a charm to the Cloud 9 battle rifle? I get a message telling me that my current equipped armor kit will be unequipped if I add the charm to the battle rifle.

What difference does it make if I have the Cloud 9 BR or not regarding a charm? I’m the only one who sees that. I paid $10 for a skin and can’t even hang a charm off of the gun I’m using? That makes zero sense to me. I thought Halo Infinite was all about customization and personalization?

I can’t add a weapon emblem to it or anything. I can’t add an armor emblem to my armor. Again, I’m the only one who sees this stuff and I’m the only one who cares, so why take away my ability to customize my character?

I had to pay $10 for the skin to get the colors that I wanted because we can’t change the colors like we could before, and for some reason it’s off limits to add a charm to a gun, or an emblem to my armor, or gun, when I’m the only one who sees it anyway or even cares.

I’m paying for the skins to get colors and have less customization than I did before? I don’t get it

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Yeah a lot of mechanics around customization like armor cores are really restrictive and won’t allow you to mix & match items.