I think we can all agree that playing Infinite on PC feels horrible

Alright, I think we can all agree that controller feels great for the game, except for some bugs. However on PC the game feels horrible, I cant put my finger on it but it might have to do with fullscreen not being an actual feature and some workings behind the system that make jumping and sliding feel awful to use to attack.

I really dont know whats exactly causing this but I have the feeling this was done in purpose to make Keyboard players feel like 2nd hand citizens in Halo Infinite, whatever the case some fixes are needed

My game constantly crashes and I have frame pacing issues but as a PC player for the last 10 years and thousands of hours in Counter-Strike, KB/M feels pretty good to play on. It feels natural to me, anyway.

I find the lack of aim assist compared to previous titles makes the aiming feel off. Might not be a huge problem in future input based matchmaking, but against controller users and bots it’s quite difficult to use any precision weapons up close against strafing opponents. Plug in a controller and slay without issue.

Down for less magnetism to increase skill gap, but being a slow ttk game that has always featured heavy aim assist (tracking and slowing) it feels way off.

It might have to do with this but everytime one slides or jump, shooting afterwords feels weird. My issue with aiming at range might have to do with no true fullscreen too. Overall the game feels like it was made to punish people to even consider to use a keyboard and not a controller.

Only real issue I’ve been having is it crashing my whole PC at the end of matches on occasion. When actually playing it the game feels great to me. I have no desire to turn on my controller to play it at all, which doesn’t surprise me as I also quite like the mouse and keyboard controls for MCC. Feels very solid to me.

Aiming and tracking feels horrible on kbm. Perfect on controller.

Even on super low sensitivity I find the strafe speed is too much to keep up with for a high ttk game.

I have to disagree i’m afraid.

I guess i’m lucky in that my game plays just fine, aiming is smooth and other than very rare crashes, I have no issues at all.


My experience so far on keyboard and mouse on PC, I wasn’t warming up to Halo infinite MP at first, it does feel harder to get into than it does on the MCC but it’s not horrible, infact I think the gameplay is pretty damn good 70% of the time depending on what game mode you get, but you need to get the settings right, you need to have high fps like at least over 120 fps so it doesn’t feel like rubbish and your keybindings and sensitivity need to be dialed in and get a feel for most of the weapons that aren’t trash which you can do in the academy then you start having fun with MP.

MP still needs alot of tweeking and there are alot of problems that need to be addressed. I personally still have a concern about how much aim assist controllers have, I want to play against people not auto aim thats how it feels sometimes because people with controllers just can’t aim as good as someone with a mouse and that’s not a dig at console players it’s the truth, but maybe mouse and keyboard needs a little something, something to balance that out.

Feels great to me in pc. The borderless fullscreen isn’t the cause of your issue since it is a direct x12 title, borderless fullscreen is effectively the same as exclusive fullscreen except you get the alt+tab benefit.

I’m running at around 110fps at 1440p, mouse input feels smooth. I’ve got a freesync/gsync monitor so that also makes it feel very smooth.

I played Infinite on PC a few times during the Technical Previews, and it worked fine. My computer is several years old. I have a GTX 1080 FTW. I ran it at 4K, but with less than max settings. I used a controller though. I did it just to try it, but I’ll probably never touch it again because I have always preferred console gaming to PC gaming.

I have an amount of input lag no matter what I do. (Controller and kbm)
I also think the stick sensitivity is extremely hard to dial in. You can’t turn acceleration off and there’s more acceleration horizontally so you can’t really balance it.

I could easily dial in stick sensitivity in MCC so hopefully they’ll fix these issues.

I don’t really have an issue with how it plays on PC. I prefer to play on my xbox personally, but the few times I’ve played on PC it feels fine on KBM.

Just the aiming feels bad on KBM. Otherwise it feels better. I have way more control. However… aiming is like >50% of this game… so yeah, I don’t play KBM/PC anymore.

The UI is definitely designed for a controller. It has so many odd things that only make sense with controller controls.

Gameplay wise the only thing I wish i had was the red crosshair. It doesn’t even need aim assist, I just like it cause it informs me i’m using the weapon at the right range. Like judging range with the sentinel beam is awkward cause im dependant on hit markers to know if the person is in beam range since the beam’s range isn’t as long as you’d expect.

Maybe this is why I enjoy the pulse carbine more than most.

Can we ALL agree? I have no intentions of playing it on PC, I’m on console for Halo. As God intended lol

No problems here on the PC

Only problem I’ve had playing it on PC is having to mess around with a bunch of settings to get it to stop crashing my PC at the end of a match. Outside of that it has been running fantastic. M&K feels great, I’ve had zero desire to try and use a controller. (lol at the idea of using a controller over mouse and keyboard)

Try controller on PC, youll get the feeling I had of controller being a better fit.

The movement and aiming mechanics in this game are hot dumpster water

I’ve played KBM and controller. Both take some fine tuning in the settings. Like even KBM somehow has a massive default deadzone and poor default acceleration just like controller does.

Even then KBM with some tweaking feels less clunky and slow than controller. At least on KBM I can adjust DPS and other things to get a more crisp responsive feel.

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The big problem here, is that there IS in fact a loss in performance. Some of use run older cards and older CPUs. Exclusive full screen allows the game to run unobstructed by any background processes. I have ran dozens of games in all three modes (borderless, fake fullscreen, and exclusive fullscreen.) There is 100% a measurable difference in all these games. For these…expletive…to say that there simply isn’t one is assenine. Clearly you have a slew of players requesting this and writing in multiple places about this problem.

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