I think this would be pretty cool

Hey Waypoint people, dude527 here again. I’ll keep it brief. :slight_smile:

This isn’t really a suggestion; I don’t think it’ll make it into Anniversary. But I just wanted to take a moment to imagine the probably pretty hilarious possibilities of this idea. OK, so most of you obviously know about the “Flashback” function in Anniversary (also known as “the coolest freaking feature to ever grace a video game”). Well, this idea is simple. Imagine if we could “go halfsies”. That is, lush, HD 2011 visuals with 2001 character models (that would look so epically hilarious when getting into vehicles). The colorful-but-basic 2001 environment of Combat Evolved graced by the updated 2011 character and weapon models.

Wouldn’t that be fun to mess around with? Again, I’m by no means trying to suggest something for 343 Industries to add into the game, as I don’t want the Flashback function to be more complex than it needs to be (“hold X and push Back to switch the environment; holding Y switches the character models!”). I just wanted to post this because it just popped into my head, and I’m a strong believer in the imagination. So imagine what this feature would be like, and discuss how odd and out of place the old character models would look in the new environments (or vice versa). Imagine how shadows probably wouldn’t work in either case. It just brings to mind some funny possibilities xD

Thanks for reading, all.

That would indeed be hilarious! XD

> That would indeed be hilarious! XD

I’m glad you think so :slight_smile:

It’s a little disheartening that no one shares our enthusiasm. Son, I am disappoint.

Halfsies??? Yeah that would be hilarious but it isn’t really worth it to put it in the game.

To me, at least.

I like the idea too, but it removes the simplicity to the Classic function.

I smell a skull :wink:

Don’t forget about the updated hud. It looks way neater than the original.