I think the plasma pistol was a bit OP

Hi y’all, am i the only one who thinks the Plasma Pistol was too good? i feel its too easy to use it as a H3 Mauler, just charging it and punching the enemy close quarters.

It was also pretty good in longer distances, i don’t really like doing the noob combo but since we were playing against bots i spammed it a lot and it felt way more powerful than other plasma pistols in the series, but maybe its just how i felt it.

Sounds about as powerful as it’s always been, honestly. Maybe that’s just me though

The lock-on range is massively increased from past games, so it can compete more with the rest of the weapons. Infinite has a very large weapon range/accuracy problem that makes the game feel very off.

I struggled to use it, plus most times it would never lock on to the right people or either missed completely.

The charge shot is way faster but the tracking is much weaker. The normal fire is also faster.

Felt good and worth picking it up. Keep in mind the game in PvP will be a lot slower than bots.

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> I struggled to use it, plus most times it would never lock on to the right people or either missed completely.

Yeah I struggled hard too. I would lock on and the tracking was slow and didn’t seem to work most of the time. I didn’t use it that much do maybe my opinion isn’t as valid. It.

I found it to be pretty inconsistent generally. I didn’t necessarily think it was too powerful. At long ranges it was easy to avoid, at mid rage I felt like you could sidestep it in a lot of situations.

Fun facts about the plasma pistol people might not have noticed during the preview.

  • You can clamber while keeping the plasma pistol charger going. - Walking up to a weapon rack that has a fresh plasma pistol will replace a slightly used plasma pistol in your inventory without an animation. It’s almost like the battery refills akin to picking up ammo with a non- plasma weapon. - The plasma pistol had better tracking if you kept your reticule on the enemy after firing the overcharge shot. This is a soft nerf to the noob combo that I think is going to be nice, since in other games you could immediately switch weapons to get the headshot and the bolt would still track really well. - I assume #2 is more of a bug than intended feature to let plasma weapons pickup battery ammo.