I think Reach is a work of art.

Ive played since CE, XBC, and Gamespy days…Ive been super competitive, and on and off the wagon. Revisiting Reach after finding a complete box set at a local goodwill for 20 bucks and started playing with my son. Its a work of art…its paced well in multiplayer, with the exception of armor. Anyways, as an oldman looking back, and revisiting with new eyes - Reach is the best.

Yhea reach is a really good game to be honest

Yeah it nice to see that people are still enjoying this game, Bungie meant for it to be their swan song and currently it’s very much alive

Completely agree!

Interesting. It’s all subjective, so you’re not wrong. But, to me, it’s definitely the weakest Halo game in my eyes. But, I’m glad you and your son can find enjoyment out of it.

I have a lot of sentimentality to this game. It was Bungie’s last time working with Halo in general, and I think it’s my second most played Halo game next to Halo 3. I had so many good times with friends on both of those games, and I’m happy to see that people still enjoy these games today.

I don’t know what it is that makes people love it, not really, I just know that I do. It’s a game I’ll never forget! :slight_smile:

Reach is absolutely the best. I was with it since day 1. The game nailed it all: the looks, the feel, the very spirit of Halo. Gameplay was sped up from Halo 3 and yet not too ridiculously fast as it seems to be now. Great balance. Loved the armor abilities, and I loved the chess match that every encounter brings depending on which one you have and which one the other guy has. People love to hate Reach; I think it’s because they sucked at it and couldn’t learn how to properly counter other weapons and abilities, especially armor lock and the DMR. The game was also ahead of it’s time, or at least right on the front end of the FPS revolution, with abilities and vertical gameplay now becoming the norm. And all of this without it ever losing it’s unique place in gaming.
The only thing Reach didn’t knock out of the ballpark: The actual story. It was a great story, with good characters, and was crafted excellently, but it messed up the cannon that the book it was loosely based out of established. But that’s not really important to me. The game is a solid 10/10, and if you go to gamestop you’ll find that it is STILL more valuable than Halo 4. And honestly, while I’m on the topic, Bungie’s only somewhat disappointing game for me was CE. As much as i do love CE that magnum made it possibly the most annoying shooter ever.

Reach ftw

Reach is still my favorite Halo of all time

This game is definately one of the best, if not, the best halo game out there. Not to mention the graphics are pretty astonishing for a game from 2010 as well

One of the best halos in my opinion.