I think it's time to talk about a H3 port on PC

Now that Halo Online is here with its shiny new engine made from Halo 3 engine ported to PC, I think the time has come to talk about porting H3 and ODST to PC for the international and not only Russian market, there’s no excuses anymore to not have H3 and ODST on PC.

So what would be a good port for the PC? I think there are 3 important things, mod tools, non physical distribution and unification.

So let’s begin with the mod tools, we all know the Halo PC community is very active when it comes to modding, there are a lot of great mods for Halo Custom Edition and this community is still pretty active and could still live for a long time, great mods like SPv3 or Lumoria make the game very attractive and still relevant, the provided mod tools should have real possibilities, the community is very angry at the Halo 2 Vista mod tools that are very limited as a consequence, most of the Halo mods on PC are made on Halo Custom Edition and not Halo 2 Vista, don’t make a mistake on this guys…

Then there’s non-physical distribution, you might ask, why only distribute this game with non-physical distribution? Because it’s old and that could be a way to sell it at a cheaper price and make easier profit around it, as simple as this, modern PC gamers rarely own boxed versions of their games…

And finally, what do I call unification? I think we should unite H3 & ODST as a single game, this way we could have two campaigns, MP and firefight in the same game using the same stats, it’d also be a time to use our Microsoft account to synch our Online stats.

So yeah basically, these are my thoughts about Halo 3 on PC, feel free to talk about it on this thread guys.

PS: Also when it comes to coop & MP, I think you guys could increase the max player limit and don’t forget about LAN…

Maybe there is a little chance for Halo 3 on PC now. And to make it right I mean to convince the gamers - because fans who have no Xbox 360 would buy it - to buy it, they should make a lot of things to improve and add many extra stuffs.
But I don’t mind if they just port it to PC with its engine and all the things H3 included, for free.

I’m perfectly okay with Halo on PC - ports or new games. PC, Console… I don’t care what platform a game is on - if it’s fun I’ll play it. Halo is fun, so whatever platform it’s on doesn’t bother me.

However, if said PC release carrying a big fat DRM along with it then I won’t touch it. Especially if it’s one of the notorious DRMs like ‘Origin’. Steam, maybe since it’s pretty light… But anything else and I’m probably sticking to what I already have.

I want to finish the fight on PC as well, but this is Microsoft.

If anything 343 will release Halo Online in the U.S. as well :confused: Which would kinda suck considering it is a free to play game and by the looks of it with the weapon customization and loadouts, will probably be pay to win. Honestly I would rather have Reach over any other Halo on PC but Halo 3 on PC is a close second. Releasing it on Steam would be nice, a good way to get it out there to other people.

Nice post Yun, I like these ideas.

I would also hope it uses a lobby where the dedicated servers are provided by the community and the master server is provided by Microsoft (although Microsoft could provide some servers for people to join at first to get things going).

Seeing from the actual situation around Halo Online, I think the wisest move for Microsoft would be to port H3 over, I’d gladly spend my money on it…

Something really needs to be done about H3 and PC since Microsoft is too stubborn to approve of a a port. Microsoft owns both Xbox and Windows so why don’t they allow any collaboration with gaming exept for being able to steam Xbox one to windows 10. It just doesn’t make much sense really.

Hey 343, if you read this, it’s time to get us informed on that matter…

Personally I’d rather have Reach on PC for the improved engine and character animations… Halo 3’s is too much like Halo 2’s.

They should honestly just port all of MCC after Halo 5 comes out. I don’t expect there to be any Halo games for a while after that so there is no real risk of lost sales. Halo 5 will have sold ~90% of all the Halo 5 copies they ever will sell by the time we hit New Years. So honestly they should announce a port after New Year’s sometime.

They already have a modified Halo 3 engine ported to PC with Halo: Online, so we know it’s doable. It all depends on whether or not MS/343i will actually do it.

I hope they do, and I hope it has just as much customization as Custom Edition did for CE.