I think it's time to move on. Thank you for the memories halo

I can remember being in high school , just got paid from my part time job , went straight to best buy to grab an
Xbox 360 and halo 3. The rest is history.

Today, a wife and 2 kids later , Halo just does not hit the same. I played halo 4 for less than a month, terrible game, also played halo 5 for about 3 months, just not my cup of tea.

So now halo infinite , all the content creators blowing smoke up everyone’s a## about how great the game is , I knew something was up this is 343 we are talking about. Downloaded the game day 1 , and to their credit the game feels like a modern shooter , they brought the fan favorite BR back , but something was missing.

Content, Fun , Forge , Co-op Campaign, Multiple Playlist.

The gameplay is great I will give them that, but it feels like I have a Corvette and I’m only able to drive it around a 1 lap track. I cannot take it on the streets of Miami and cruise with the top down.

Everything about the game just feels off, I hit Onyx and then the game ended for me , what else is there to accomplish, I can’t keep playing the same 4-5 maps in rotation , give me my remakes , if you don’t want to , at least give me forge so someone in this community can make it. I cannot express myself in this game , I can’t create fan favorite maps , fan favorite games.

This game needs to just port every single past map into their game , every single past game type, forge mode needs to arrive soon . Until then I’ll be moving on to the games that are doing things right. The trend setters. My battle royales , games that capture the essence of fun , it’s been a fun ride halo but we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

Best of luck in future endeavors