I think it's flatlining

I’ve been getting lobbies with nothing but 270-310ms ping the past 2 days. And the EU players in the lobbies are also complaining about high ping, it was 90-120ms for them.

What servers is the game routing us all to? It’s not a EU host and it’s not a NA host. What’s going on?

The estimated wait times have also changed to “Wait times may be too long to find a match.” and it’s repetitively failed to find a match.


I should laso add that this is happening in ranked. Not big team. I’ve experienced high ping games in big team, it’s to be expected having to fill that many slots. But in ranked… Why is it pulling players from all corners of the globe to fill a 4v4 lobby? And connecting us to a host that’s somehow bad for both NA and EU players lol

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My ping has typically been pretty good - 20 to 70 but usually on the lower end.

Two days ago I got a 250. Never seen that before. Didn’t believe it was possible. I was playing much earlier in the day than I might normally.

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It was an Asia host. The fact that it chose the Asia host means there were more Asia players present at the time of my games than NA and EU players combined. That’s the concerning part. Because if you talk to any of the Asia players, it’s dead for them… But if there are more of them than us lol, what does that tell you


I’m matching against names I recognise in quick play regularly now, which means I have been matched against the same people at least 3 times. If anything indicates that the population has tanked to me it is that. The population is clearly at a critical point, the only people left on this game are the hardcore fans.

If S2 isn’t good then this game is dead I think.


I quit playing un installed on my Xbox One X about 3 weeks ago.

80% of my Solo matches were 250+ ms ping time, which based on the Gamer tag names (German and Cyrillic) it was likely Amsterdam or some European server. 20% of my Solo games are 25 ms ping time, which would be Seattle Server. I was mainly playing during the early evening (7 to 10 MDT) form Alberta Canada, so why it’s matching me to Europe is a mystery.

The game is absolute trash at 250 ms ping times (that’s 4 fps folks), some RTS’s are faster than that.

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Buu but the core gameplay is good guys… What a great foundation of Halo 5 lite now featuring bloom, desync obscene auto aim, busted customs, the worst vehicles in the series and a completely barren feature suite.

I’m sure season 2’s new hats and whopping two maps in the pipeline will bring everyone back.


Aim assist* is what you meant to say, and it was present, and HEAVY in Halo 5. I can’t tell you the number of gun fights I lost due to aim assist tracking the guy who ran behind the guy I was actually shooting.

I’m from EU. I play in the morning and in the evening and i’m always 20/30 ping

This was 3 weeks ago that populations were at an all time low and we were being placed in Asia hosted games.

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I play in the morning and in the afternoon every week, 4 or 5 days a week from day one
So even 3 weeks ago I was 20 to 30
I never went over 50