I think i see a better comparison than cod

I see people post about Halo copying off of CoD and its perks but to be honest I don’t see that. As of now, I’m seeing more of a Halo/Crysis 2 mix. I get where people are getting the Call of Duty look alike thing (and that is fine because Call of Duty’s gameplay is very well known territory among gamers), but to me I think comparing it to Crysis 2 as of now would be a more accurate comparison. Just look at the BR’s design. Doesn’t it look similar to something out of Crysis 2? And then the developers talk of how they want to make you feel more in touch with the suit John wears? Sounds a lot like the direction Crysis 2 went. I’m not saying this in a “oh wow it’s gonna suck” tone, just to make that clear. I’m just saying that Halo 4 to me (it can look like whatever you want to) just looks and sounds like Crysis 2, but has still got that Halo essence which makes it even BETTER.

This isn’t really a bad thing either. I mean, Crysis 2 looks amazing with the Cryengine 3, had fun gameplay, and the only real downside was the lack of an attentive AI in campaign. I’m sure Halo 4 won’t have that AI problem though, since it’s using a mash up of the past Halo engines which are known for VERY good AI.

I just know all that I have been told, and I am trying to make sense of all the cryptic messages by comparing it to the known in hopes of understanding of what is to come.