I think I know why we saw so little of the Infinity's destruction

This is just a theory, but I think its being saved for the Halo TV Show. They might show the full events through flashbacks or maybe even a full-on scene, what do you think?


Could be, and then have that lead in to parts of the Infinity’s wreckage

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Might find out where Lasky is too


the show is non canon and already changes many parts of the halo story. it won’t be related to infinite

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Well that sucks. A lot

the changes they made like making miranda keys a scientist instead of joining the navy are going to be pretty disappointing to watch

Wait what? You’re joking…

Oh yeah that is disappointing rip, could’ve done it like the Locke one where it acts as part of a backstory

doubtful… but also possible. honestly i think what 343 is gunna do, and it’s just a possibility. make a dlc where you’re there during the destruction, and a dlc showing the aftermath and whereabouts of everyone.

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thats not even the worst change. apparently there is a girl who was raised by the covenant and is working with them to destroy humanity.

Wow. I guess with fractures they can do whatever they want and call it another universe .

I wonder what they’ll do to Johnson

The show clearly takes place before any of the games. So probably not related to infinite at all.

With th said if the rumors of the weird changes the show is making are true the show will likely be awful.