I think I found the solution for armor coatings and color customization

What do you guys think of a halo coating solution i thought of this solution?

Two objectives need to be fulfilled:

*1-Assure that armor coatings are still relevant and will be an interest to most or even all players. *

2-An implantation of color selection for players based on (strictly) Primary and Secondary

To complete objective 1. armor coatings must be different/creative. The advantage of armor coatings will be that they can have more than just primary and secondary(ex, 4 colors on one set). These armor coatings will specialize in colors not selectable from the player color roster (colors are hand-picked by developers). Coatings will have variety by using patterns and unique combinations of color placement on armor. The under-armor also has a much wider range of complexity in color and texture. The armor coatings will also be able to mix and match textures (ex matte with metallic on one coating).

To complete objective 2. all armor cores will have 1 default preset color scheme (the rest are purchasable preset color schemes) that will contain exclusively primary and secondary. The colors available for our spartans will be generic such as halo 3 limited to 3 shades/tints per color. Next, the under armor must have 2 selectable choices black or light gray. Anything else like white, red, blue or such is exclusive to armor coatings. Lastly the option to select a from a preset list of levels of wear to the armor. This should vary from 3 levels, from dirtiest and most worn to pristine. Sadly my biased would say that textures such as matte or metallic should be an option, but this would never work and should be limited and exclusive to armor coatings, due to it being an exotic trait of it.

I think this would be possible to not only profit better off of armor coatings and additional features i mentioned, but a good way to give fans what they have wanted. And yes I believe this is %100 possible because this is a 10-year development project there is no reason they can not.

(please share this around to raise some awareness)

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Let’s get 343i to see this.

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I hope we can make them see it wish there was an easier way to make this more visible

Or here’s a better idea, drop the dumb coating systems for armors and let us customize the colors how we see fit. Charge us for pre-made coating, ones that have unique design patterns and overwrite our chosen colors, but Primary and Secondary color choice NEEDS to come back.


primary and secondary def need to come back its a shame it wasn’t on release, best we can do now is find that nice compromise because you know Microsoft will milk it for everything it is worth


I’d like to see each armor piece have primary, secondary and detail coating options.

Armor coatings should be unlockable variants for an open-ended color system.

Meaning, if you buy or unlock a coating, you can then use any part of it to create a color combination not previously possible with default colors.

343 makes Armor Coatings more profitable, they sell more, we get more options, everybody wins.

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Personally, just sell the patterns a special colours, like a matt, shiny, sparkly, or a two tone which shifts etc. And let us just pick the standard colours for free.

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