I think Halo 5's gunna be awesome!

Once 343i:

  • Removes Ground Pound;
    A useless, Armor-Lock-level gimmick in the game. It has no place in a competitive game at all.

  • Removes Flinch;
    Past Halos give you ample opportunity to fight back if you got shot first. With Flinch, by the time you turn around to face your enemy the reticle is almost halfway between the center of the screen and the top of it.

  • Makes the Energy Sword & Prophet’s Bane to have less ammo;
    Basically from 10 slashes per blade, to 8 slashes. With Sprint in Reach the Sword became more powerful, and in Halo 4 the fact Sprint was available to anyone regardless of AA chosen, the issue gotten worse. Now in Halo 5 with both Sprint and Thrust, the Sword is more powerful than ever. Thus a reduction in the amount of kills one can get per blade is needed. I went K/D 5.0 on my first game, which was on Truth, because of how convenient the Prophet’s Bane granted me kills.

Yea I was once an anti-Sprint proponent, but now I found it works so well in Halo 5 unlike Reach or 4’s multiplayer, I have gone pro-Sprint. We really need Spartan Abilities (save the useless Ground Pound) to keep Halo fresh. (P.S. I noticed they nerfed the SMG; It seemed slightly weaker than the AR in the current build.)