I think Halo 4 should be 2 discs.

One of the hardest parts of finishing a game (I’m just guessing) is trying to figure out how much of the game can be squeezed onto one disc. I’m guessing that’s part of the reason why FF got the boot. Why can’t they just put ALL of Halo 4’s greatness onto multiple discs that we can just simply install to the hard dive?

I think that they should add forge and custom games on a separate disc so they can add more pieces and effects.

Most games are, nowadays. Also, Halo 4 pushes the 360 past it’s limit. So yeah, I think it will be.

I would be wholly in favor of having a content disc and a play disc, but people without harddrives would complain and MS would probably make 343 change it.

Reach pushed the 360 to it’s limits on graphics, but the disc was only half full.
So no, I think they are not putting FF because they just don’t want to.