I think 343i deserves a little respite

Nah, it’s helping. really.

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to an extent yes I am of course referring to the constructive feedback that is getting more traction the negative is more of spouting hate for the sake of hate and not specifying what said feedback is about

I can only speak for myself but my issues with the game go way beyond customisation.

The biggest offender for me is the weapon sandbox balancing. - It’s woefully bad. I’ve never played a Halo game with so many useless weapons.
As a general rule, if a weapon is worse than all 3 starter weapons, it’s not worth picking up.

I can’t think of any scenario where I would want a plasma pistol, disruptor pistol, pulse carbine, hydra, ravager, wrangler or even the bulldog ahead of the starter weapons. Only the hydra is moderately useful against vehicles.

Situational weapons just don’t feel powerful enough. The PP, hydra, shotgun etc were all perfectly balanced in H5. They felt powerful. The weapons have cool designs but are hopelessly outclassed in their intended ranges by pretty much all the starters.


Sure there’s different types of feedback but some of the excuses for ignoring feedback from the dev’s has been a bit ridiculous and some cases insulting like what happened with the Halo 5 REQ video used to mock fans of Halo. I understand the different between general complaining and constructive feedback but from what I seen and heard from 343i some people don’t handle constructive feedback well. Yeh everyone should be treated respectfully but I wish 343i respected the fans.

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if they give proper and sophisticated response

When they do give that update, they can have their time recollecting.

But now the player HAS to interpret as their intention to monetize like that.
Also all their statements made in December 2020 blog are the opposite in released product at the moment

I think we have already pushed a lot and they are more than aware of the problems that occur. But this is not a request to stop complaining about problems, but to be aware that they are now on vacation resting, and they will not respond to our requests for at least a week.

So, first of all, I think the people who have to hear the criticism should be those that deserve it but we don’t really have a way to target our criticism to just those people. If I knew who specifically was in charge of the progression system then I’d direct my criticism there but I can’t. So then cheers to all the 343 employees who helped make a great game that is truly fun.

That said, it’s hard for me to feel sympathy for 343 when 343 seems to have done a lot of things they specifically said that they were not going to do. If it was just simple bugs and other such issues I would agree with you that we should give them time to fix it but surprising players with awful monetization, terrible progression, and FOMO after promising they wouldn’t doesn’t really make me shed tears for them because of the extremely predictable response from players.

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No deal. I have no more patience for scummy devs anymore. Look at Bungie, people have been giving them slack for YEARS, endlessly yapping at how it was Activision’s fault that Destiny was in a bad state and monetize to hell and back.

Guess what happened when Bungie parted ways with Activision? NOTHING.

The same -Yoink!- went on. You could actually argue that it’s even worst now.

No deal. No break.

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Bungie literally does this every single Holiday, and sometimes in between, and stays silent for a long time before they say, oh, we have a community, forgot about that. This means it was planned to play out as things are right now. Christmas comes around and they do something really stupid with the shop, just in time to take that month-long vacation. Pretty neat huh?

Nothing personal, but we are dealing with a business that knows exactly what they are doing, especially having a taste of it in Halo 5, and they want a hell of a lot more of that.

What has taken place wasn’t a “whoops, I made a little mistake”. The devs aren’t the ones anyone needs to be concerned about, they are well taken care of. It’s the brains behinds the shop that is the actual problem, and you will never hear a peep from any of them, ever. They are paid to do a job, and they seem to be doing really well-getting players to “throw money at the screen”.

Everything has gone the way it was intended to :+1:


100% the problem is likely Microsoft itself since they fund 343i, they likely forced these prices and the idea of the store, I mean given MCC it is shown they truely care and have ideas for the events, its just that 343 likely had corperate meddling in Infinite. The game feels amazing its just I never find enjoyment in multiplayer that makes me more jaded on the cosmetics side of things, when that is a thing that I actually enjoy since so many artists and game designers make this beautiful armor, just for it to almost never be seen because of the outrageous pricing scheme and the fact that the Battle Pass when premium should be the biggest price piece instead of one of the smallest.

Yea, infinite is everything we had hoped it would be as far as multiplayer gameplay is concerned…I don’t understand the rank system change though from 1-50 to types of medals…it’s different and that’s ok I guess but part of the fun was getting that 50 right? I remember grinding for days in h3 for that 50…I think that type of system should be implemented again and yes I’m sticking to what I’ve said about the armor and buying the battle pass to get anything you earn. If you earn it, you earn it…you should be allowed to use it, not stare at the cool esthetics you can’t use until you spend some cash. Back to my initial statement though infinite is super addicting again and just school girl giddy about playing everyday or well as much as this 35 Yr Old married father with a full time job can…which is surprisingly a lot. :wink:

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No you see we made that same mistake with Bungie by blaming Activision but it only got worse when Activision had bungie split from them.

I think you kind of missed my point.

343 is a big company.
I guarantee you that the dev responsible for coding the Grapple Shot and making it so fun to use, has hardly any say in how the company is run.

Heck, the people responsible for designing the armours, most likely did so knowing how monetised they would be, and could do nothing about it.

If they held an anonymous poll, I imagine that there would be a fair percentage of devs who are just as frustrated with how their work has been implemented.

I think there is a way to provide respectful and constructive feedback without just yelling at the publisher and developer and stomping our feet.

However, I don’t think we should ‘give them a break’.

Ultimately they’ve put this product out into the world (it isn’t a beta, it’s gone gold and we all know it) and have taken money from us (those of us that have spent money) so it’s only fair they get feedback on what the game is like now.

I don’t intend to sound mean or uncaring, I get that everyone that worked on Halo Infinite is a real human being with emotions and feelings and they deserve to be treated with a certain level of human dignity, but, they are a business, they’ve released a product and they’ve sold a product, if they don’t want to be judged on that then they shouldn’t have released it or started charging for content.

I completely get that a lot of the decisions, especially those relating to monetization will be made by a minority rather than the majority of those that worked on the game so the ‘average joe’ shouldn’t be the person that gets the brunt of player frustration, the problem is many of these businesses are essentially faceless, we can’t interact with those that we need to because they are set up to prevent that from happening but that isn’t the player’s fault, that is the fault of the bosses.

This doesn’t negate the fact that the developers deserve a break from the crunch they’ve suffered.

I agree, people should chill out, 343 made a great multiplayer and they worked a lot to get it ready for nov 15

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At what point did I say they don’t deserve a break?

Read my posts again.

I had the impression.

Can you expand on that?

In my posts, I said I feel sorry for the Devs who worked hard on the game, only for the community to take a massive dump on the game mainly because of issues related to monetisation and progression.

Someone, or maybe several Devs, spend x amount of hours designing the Yoroi armour, and all the community has done is complain about it for reasons completely unrelated to how it looks.

At no point did I say they shouldn’t have a break.
Where you got the ‘impression’ I thought otherwise is beyond me.

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Don’t worry, it was just the wrong impression. English is not my mother tongue, and on the internet everything sounds very serious and dry, it was my fault.

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