I swear people have no Gun Skills

You’re right on both parts. It’s just an annoying thing to deal with, at least I think so. And I’m aware even Bungie’s games are like this, but that’s tiny aspect of Halo that I’ve always disliked.

It’s an even playing field, but I know how to bounce a nade into your face that you can’t dodge or not take damage from.

I guess but it’s part of halo’s identity. I’m sure some people find a high time to kill annoying, or power weapons too strong etc.

It’s hard to please everyone

Time to Nerf grenades and other -Yoink!- in this game.

The grenades are just fine in this game. I use both grenades to flush out a room that has a guy camping in there. Plus, I only camp when I need to, doesn’t make that particular action taboo; I guaranteed that you’ve camped before you just don’t realize it. Grenading an obj is very effective when you want to actually WIN, my guy.

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I’m all about that gun play, I literally will engage in a BR battle with someone across the map if they’re willing to. I feel like grenades is child’s play.

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A problem since the beginning, imo.

In the past (in the very very passed past) I’ve run competitive customs where nades were reduced to one per spawn, or map pickup only. I honestly believe this improves the Halo gameplay loop. Most disagree and it’ll likely never become widespread. But this simple change puts guns at the forefront and treats grenades more like power weapons (with more careful expenditure). And I think that is appropriate.

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It’s because they made players base heath too weak and then to compensate they made weapons even weaker that you have to rly on grenades and melee so heavily. You’re not the only one who has to deal with getting in a gun duel just to have it devolve into one of you running up to melee or throwing 5000 grenades.

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Go play destiny for a little bit. When you come back the grenade spam won’t seem so bad

If someone is camping with the Oddball, you can bet I’m going to be spamming grenades where they’re hiding.

Grenade spamming has been going on since CE, it’s a great way to deny area access to the opposing team.

I don’t camp. Never did it in my life of gaming. Camping is for -Yoink!-.

Grenades aren’t exactly OP in Destiny.

It’s a series-wide issue. You wanna stick with your team, but if you group up, you get 8 grenades sent your way with no recourse.

Yeah 2 nades on respawn is annoying and body shots get too much value in this game.

If the BR 3 shot head and 1 grenade on spawn this game would be perfect.

No but the ability spam is insane

Cause it shows lack of gun skillBlockquote

If they’re working against you it shows a lack of evasive skill :wink: