I swear people have no Gun Skills

Grenade Spamming is so freaking toxic.


Why wouldn’t you spam grenades? They’re op and easy to find

Cause it shows lack of gun skill

Correlative, not causative. But yes, the spammability of grenades is ridiculous.

No It doesn’t, it’s the counter to people hiding behind cover after they lose a gunfight

Get good

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Old halo games gave people 4 grenades of each type

Don’t start referencing “old Halo”, this is Halo Infinite.

OP’s wording is… aggressive, but I understand what he’s talking about. Grenades are very (and almost needlessly) abundant in 4v4 gamemodes, and it makes the act of throwing grenades into a room until something dies practical.


Welcome to halo

Strong grenades are a staple of the franchise.

Why are you fleshing out your argument as you go?

I don’t resent strong grenades. They’re supposed to be strong, and I never suggested that they shouldn’t be. The abundance is what’s being discussed.

2 grenades is the same since halo 3. What’s the issue?

The issue is how easily grenades can be obtained, thrown and replenished without any regard to tactical use. Pay attention.

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Same as all the other halo games.

A none issue

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I was sort of hoping that Infinite would change a little, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Look, I know grenades are incredibly strong in Halo and that’s what this franchise is kind of known for, but it makes engagements annoying af. It’s just not fun when you engage with another player and they’re nade-spamming you while you’re just trying to have an actual gunfight.

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Lmao!!! Yeah, you keep telling yourself that. That’s the whole point of hiding, so you can prepare for the next encounter. You “Git Gud” and stop grenade spamming and Git Gud at Guns.

Nade spamming isn’t effective, just work on your movement.

They’re strong because they have to be due to how easy it is to camp with power weapons

The blast radius is the only thing that bothers me

Just don’t camp and you won’t get grenades thrown to flush you out lol

I can outgun most players but I also know how important grenades are to Halo’s gameplay

That’s the thing man, I don’t camp so that isn’t an issue. I never camped a day in my life in a video game. I right and if I lose I lose. But losing to Grenade Spammers are annoying asf

That’s pretty hard when, if you know how to position them, you can bounce nades into people’s face.

Regardless everyone gets 2 grenades so it’s an even playing field.

It’s part of the series identity to have strong grenades