I summon the Monitors

I simply wanna know the monitor’s opinion about halo infinite Im very curious i dont wish to take your time away from monitoring the forums so if i could just get your opinions on the game or your own feedback that’d be good tyvm for your time and i understand if you cant id understand if you lock the forum or just say hi I also wanna see how many i can get to comment😄


So far I’ve seen them all have the same exact opinions. I’ve seen one not like the maps but overall they like the direction. I don’t see anyone being a monitor that doesn’t like the direction


I am 291916172451122121233212123 Bombastic RamboBambiBamboBingoBongoBoiyo, sub-monitor of the Waypoint Installation.

The Infinite Program is one that was intended to have full design functionality, but complications from a deviant group of Flood classified as C-19, development of the program had a few errors that should be fixed and restored within the span of two years.


Lmao finally got one🤣

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@Venture_Jones tagging you so you can post your thoughts

I summon @BreezyStarfish1 . Let your Halo Wars knowledge give an interesting perspective on this debacle.


I’m not a mod, my bio is a joke…like me :wink:

But I like Halo Infinite, it’s got its flaws, but what game doesn’t?


I’m not a moderator either. Just a monitor.

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I know the truth Jones :eyes:

We all know of the Prophet of Truth.

Also everyone, ignore @EatDumpTrans He is a guy who has been making dozens of alt-accounts over the past few weeks just so they can be banned over and over again.


Be sick if I did get paid for every post tho. IN HALO INFINITE CREDITS! :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

I get paid to post. $17.08-per-hour

Where’s my cut

You get paid 50 Kroner per hour. (5.62 USD)

Now I see why you are always active at this time.

12 hour shifts dude. Well… 13 hour shift today.

Too bad 343 didn’t take the bait.


The application you tossed out!

You could have gone from working 12-13 hours to 1 or 2 hours.