I suck

I don’t even deserve to play this game, I was good at the start but now all I get is bottom of the team and I can barely go positive 2.

Guess I’m done playing, no point in making people lose because I suck so hard.

EDIT: Sorry about this thread, it was made in a moment of angry passion, I become extremely irrational when angry, feel free to discuss whatever you want though.

Call me slow because I don’t get it…

Is this supposed to be a joke thread?

Here, have an extra perk slot. 343 Industries wants you to be able to feel good about your performance.

I’m not very good but I still play. Are you really that bad?

NO, I’m just being pissy because I suck now, and I don’t even know what happened.

If you can’t get kills, get assists. Be the guy that makes sure his teammates get the kills. You may not go positive, but you’ll be seriously helping the team. I’m sure you’ll do fine, you just need to find your place. If long range isn’t working, go short range and vice-versa. It may take some time, but you’ll get it together. The thing that makes this so great is the options that are available to you. There’s a huge space for adjustments in this game.

Maybe, It’s not you, maybe it’s all the randomness 343 inserted. My favorite playlist is now Dominion because everything spawns at the same place and there is no ordanance-system. I consider this the most competetive playlist so far and the best one. I sadens be I didn’t try it sooner but I thought it was some “crap” like regicide.

I’ve been able to drop my k/d by like .03 in just two games.

I do get tons of assists too 495 out of my 1441 kills

I also think I might be being hard on myself, I love Halo and want to be the best I can possibly be, so I can get irrationally angry when I’m not doing exceptional. Overall I like to think I have goods stats, 1441 kills 790 deaths 495 assists. As well as 62 victories out of 110 games.

You’re 1.82 K/D. Nice troll.

just aim for the head. your welcome :smiley:

Im locking this because there is little discussion value. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.