I strongly disapprove of the title Halo ‘Infinite’

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I believe 343i are obsessed with the ship Infinity. So obsessed they’ve decided to name the next major title “Infinite”! I’m not impressed. And my last article was locked for expressing this.

Does anyone remember the movie Forward Unto Dawn??? That movie had absolutely nothing to do with the Forward Unto Dawn and that made the the mere title of the video cringeworthy.

Halo ‘Infinite’ is a very bad title because it has nothing to do with ‘Infinite’. Tell me, what’s going to be so ‘infinite’ in this new game?

Constructively, I suggest an immediate re-consideration of the title!

If this is not seriously reconsidered soon, I suspect all future Halo games with be labeled with the ‘Infinite’ title attached. This would be extremely unfortunate. As a simple Halo fan, I just want the title HALO! I don’t want the word ‘infinite’ anywhere near my beloved franchise as a mainstream title.

I’m urging 343 and everyone else to re-name Halo: Infinite to something bad -Yoink-!

> And my last article was locked for expressing this.

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