I Stopped Using the DMR

I was using the DMR all the time in BTB and normal slayer, and recently decided to switch and not use it at all. For BTB I have been using the light rifle, and for infinity slayer I have been using the BR.

Let me tell you, it is quite the adjustment. I couldn’t hit anything at first with the light rifle (still miss a lot of head shots). I still do pretty well with the BR, so that wasn’t much of a change.

Today I was playing split screen with my nephew, and I decided to use the DMR because we all know the ridiculous screen lag and latency during split screen. I was totally shocked at how easy it is to use this gun. I was shooting for the body and getting head shots left and right. I have come to the conclusion that this gun takes very little skill to use (which everyone has been saying all along).

After using the DMR for so long, try and use the light rifle instead. You’ll be in for a surprise.

No, I’m not saying it should be nerfed, but I’m not so sure it should be in loadouts.

the DMR or the LR?

> the DMR or the LR?

The DMR? I’m not sure what your question is asking.

I’m just saying that the DMR takes much less skill to use than the LR or BR and that the DMR really shouldn’t be a load out weapon.

Thanks, but I will stick with the DMR. It suits my needs better than the other weapons.

Not too long ago, I tried making the switch to LR from DMR but I just couldn’t do it. I’m horrible with the LR. But like Spartan I043 said, I’m staying with my DMR. I play with it much better than any other rifle and it’s good for me no matter the situation.

I tried to use the light rifle as well, but it didn’t work out due to intense flinch and poor close range kill capability. It is the most difficult precision weapon to use for me. If 343 can make it slightly more appealing to use, then I may finally wean myself off of the DMR.

The LR rewards people who learn to use it, I really hope they don’t make it easier as it has the potental to kill faster at range then the DMR - yes its garbage the closer you get with it the way a range weapon should be.

The DMR is basically the noob tube of this game.

i have switched to the BR because the DMR is imo just to easy to use, kills are just not satisfying. with the BR there is at least for me a sense of achievement in out dueling someone with the DMR. have not really tried the LR yet but will give it a try.