I stopped playing HALO :(:(:(

I was so excited for Infinite to release but now I’m supremely disappointed. Here are my current complaints.

-I can’t play the game’s campaign with my friends…
-I can’t play the ranked matches (which use to be so much fun) because the teams are rarely even. Its usually a 3v4 from the start. People keep quitting. Most people won’t play the objectives. Super infuriating. The experience for each match to level up is very inconsistent. I can win 5 games and barely move up but I can lose one match and lose a whole rank level.
-I can’t play normal matches (FFA, BTB, SWAT) because the server is always dropping the matches or adding in or taking out bots.
-My BP freezes almost every time I start my game and I don’t get any rewards.
-I have had to reinstall my game multiple times, which I am tired of doing.
-I can’t navigate the theater mode easily even after an hour of fiddling with it.
-I can’t play around in forge and make a map or level for fun.

  • I can’t unlock super cool armor upgrades because I can’t grind for them. I have to PAY for them :rage:.
  • The campaign as a stand alone is pretty fun but it still isn’t without its faults.
  • The story seems to be a shot in the dark to try and catch up to where the lore is suppose to exist.
  • Why couldn’t we play all the lore between H5 and Infinite?!. The banished Vs the Infinity would have been a great game all by itself!

We waited so long for this game (6+ years) and it feels like they put it together in 6 months. I told my GF that when the new Halo came out I would constantly be on it for a while but now I can’t even get on Infinite without getting super infuriated and the stress literally isn’t worth it. I didn’t plan to purchase another game for awhile whilst I played Halo but I actually broke down and bought the new Forza the other day because I can’t be on Halo for more than 10mins without my blood pressure going up because of stupidity that shouldn’t even exist. As a life long Halo fan, I must say, I’m overwhelmingly displeased with the state of Halo.


I feel the exact same way. Every time I try to play it I end up hating. 343 messed up yet again which doesn’t surprise me.


I feel ya, man. Literally had the same experience, absolutely heartbreaking to see the glorious Halo franchise go down the path of fad-mobile game.

I uninstalled the other day.

Wish it didn’t have to be this way. Hours in Ranked used to be the best experience…now Ranked isn’t even Halo anymore, they’ve just pandered to the eSports and Streamers.

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yeah on top of that for me is the fact that the battle pass has taken over the game which sucked bc I was kind of hopping for something like reach’s system which for me was really good but I guess we will see what they end up doing for the game in the future


I haven’t touched Halo Infinite multiplayer since November if I remember. I couldn’t turn off cross play or rank up the battle pass all that great…but that was before the XP update. From the feedback I’ve heard around of the XP update some say its better and some say it’s worse or not fixed I’m not sure and this is coming from a long time Halo fan. I probably won’t touch multiplayer until the option of turning off cross play and a good anti cheat is around. Until then I will be returning back to Halo Mcc, oh trust me I would be on right now at the battlefield but yeah, I’m just going to take a seat and see what happens for a bit. Maybe I’ll hop on today I don’t know though.