I STILL did not get my specilization code.

So, Ive done all the trouble shooting.
Over the age, played before the 20th of november, and i live in the united states.
Still no code.

There was a place to post for a resend into your xbox inbox.
Thread locked.

So, Im gonna make my own and hope that it is seen.

Gamertag: ThugxMuffin
Over 18 - yes
played before November - yes
Live in the U.S. - yes.

Somebody help please.

And i called xbox support, and this is what they recommended.

I haven’t gotten m ine, either.

As a matter of fact, this whole Specialization thing is a disaster. Why wasn’t it just made available to everyone as a free download? Why do I have to download extra crap just to unlock something that should be in the game? Why not just have it be a piece of code in the game 343 could just switch to “unlocked” when they wanted to, like Bungie did with Reach?

I called xbox support, and after being on the phone for like 45 min troubleshooting everything, there was still no answers, i ver checked two different emails, xbox.com messages, spam, deleted and trash, i have gold, everything is up to date. still nothing, they refer me to the thread to post in, but its locked. So xbox tells me to start my own thread. So i would post the required info if you still have not got it.
Are you over 17:
did u play on xbox live before november 20:
Do u live in the u.s.: