I still can't believe it happened...

… but still, I got my very first MM kill with the Mantis!! Hoo- to the -ray!

I just can’t kill anybody with the damn thing. I get a crap load of Assists though. Got any tips?

rockets, that is all.

Try to keep to semi open areas, where they can’t shoot you from long range, but still won’t be able to board you. Rockets are your friends as well.

Good team mates are good as well.

I got a perfection once using only the mantis, on Ragnarok.

I don’t think I’ve ever been boarded while using Mantis yet, I know how to keep distance to enemies. Only problem seems to be that my aiming ain’t so great. Guess I’ll just have to keep practising. Players seem to know pretty well how to stay away from a Mantis that has a driver who’s aware of their opponents location.

I mostly play solo, but I should try to get a couple friends to play with me someday.

Perfection with Mantis? Now that’s impressive. Well done, Naqser!

Yeah, rockets are what you should depend on and use wisely. I’d only recommend using the guns to whittle the Banshee away and spraying combatants who are already engaged.

Mantis machine guns suck, but not as bad as the Warthog. Maybe if the overheating gauge was a tad longer they might help?

from how i’ve used it, it’s more effective at close range, rockets should only be used on long-range targets, or against vehicles

use the stomp if you’re ambushed by boarders
and keep an eye on your radar, that’s the best way to keep boarders off of you

Stick near corners or rocks so you can hide when they break your shields.

Charge the rockets so you can shoot all 5 at once.