I spent 200 dollars of US money

I brought two 50 dollar purchases and is at 200 dollars when it comes to this beta. A 99.99 purchase is alot to the normal kid buying. Because that doesn’t happen often and I am here to tell you give us more credits for spending real money or make the in-game prices cheaper.

buys microtransactions
turns around and calls other players kids

Nah totally no irony here at alllllllll


I am just saying help make the prices for Community cheaper so we can buy a lot cosmetics or don’t charge the mass of kids or adults a arm and a leg…

Yes I have losed spend my money but I am saving the community saying I am not satisfied and it needs a cheaper deal.

So, you’re upset with the system but dropped 200 dollars on it to show them that you don’t like it? Okay…


And just for your record and comment you are not in my pay statues

Not really upset but concerned

Your logic here is blowing my mind.


It concerns me cuz I’m not going to be spending this kind of money in the future

I think part of the reason for their comments, is because if you want a company to change their business practices you’re much more likely to get them to do that by not buying their product. If you spend a ton of money on it, then they see that, and take it as a sign that the system is working. You saying you’re unhappy after the fact does matter, but from a profit standpoint it will matter less than your purchase.


I’m saying it doesn’t work cuz I want what they are showing and I am saying I don’t want to spend anymore. It is expensive and they need to lower their prices… it is already a free to play game if they are going to show us love make it so $99.99 deals give me alot deals in-game…

If you want $99.99 to get you more, then don’t but until they lower prices. I understand wanting stuff in the store. I was half tempted to buy the Shinobi Wrap, as it matches my spartan colors. I was tempted to buy the Enigma bundle as it has the only MK VII helmet I like. I was tempted to get the Imperial Stance bundle as I like the stance, and it has the colors for Yoroi that were advertised. But I resisted temptation, because buying any of those would be a signal to 343 that I was at least happy enough with the price to buy the items.


343 and Microsoft want the money fortnite and activation has so this formula is not going to change.

It will change if they aren’t making enough money, and the only way for that to happen is for people not to buy.

Well I am telling 343 I am not satisfied and if they want people not as dumb as me then lower their prices

Bro, people have been complaining of the store prices since day one.
They know.

And not to call out your flawed logic, but you are complaining about a system that you have just spent $200 propping up.

I’m almost tempted to think you are trolling.


Spending $200 was not a very smart move on your part. If you think the prices are unfair you should’ve not spent anything until they were lowered. The more people that buy into this system the more likely they are to keep prices so extreme. Think, dude.


So your admitting to everyone that you are in fact a Whale? :thinking:

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You are part of the problem and give the games developers the justification they need in using their massively profitable micro transaction business plan. Why should they change their systems, remove micro transactions or lower prices when there are literally thousands of people like you prepared to hand over $200 for worthless in game cosmetic items?


Are you saying you spent the money and later felt the value wasn’t there, or that you knew there wasn’t good value but you purchased anyway?

I spent like $50 bucks on credits for cosmetics. I have the funds and I like the cosmetics so I can’t complain. I think for a virtual item, with no inherent real-world value they could be a little more generous. That’s my review of the cosmetics, I guess.