I see there's still no disable crossplay option

Never going to happen OP & your saltiness sounds like a personal skill issue.

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The fact cross play is forced is crazy, Xbox players should have the ability to opt out and so should pc players who don’t want to play against controller players, but in 343 fashion you know how it goes….

So a retired bronze walks into a social lobby and gets destroyed (alternative name of this thread probably)

BTW windows central is misinforming. The setting is to simply allow XBL community to only verse XBL community. That functionality includes XBL account applications from Windows Store Apps and from Steam Apps also supporting XBL account login.

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Ah, the good ol’ claim someone is cheating because you’re in denial that you’re bad at the game.

pretty much. the thing is that it is nothing to do with PC. if he is good at the game then we shouldn’t have this issue.

Got nothing to do with skill the best mnk players are a diamond controller players skill level because mnk accuracy doesn’t apply to tracking

At least AA is allowed and wont get you banned. . .

Just look at how much more accuracy controllers have over mnk

Then explain why almost every single person in Ranked match for controller players will have multiple perfect medals, while Mouse players won’t have hardly any? Aim Assist does all the headshots for you. Quit complaining. We’ve gone over the player match data statistics months ago, average Mouse players are definitely not better than AA.

Only time will really tell if they do it or not. I believe only one of the games received it in MCC correct?

I also remember people wanting M+KB only getting screwed over by that decision as there were not many people wanting m+kb only.

Diamond controller is not the same as the best mnk players. The best mnk players are less than 1% of mnk players. The skill gap for reaction time is enormous for flicking headshots, something even the better mnk players could never dream of. Meanwhile the best controller players are hitting headshots as long as the enemy is within 10% of the screen from the reticle.

  • General lack “red” reticle on PC
  • Red reticle helps with melee lunge that PC players just don’t get
  • No worry about Halo randomly detecting MKB or there drivers and randomly turning off aim assist mid game.
  • No worry about in game fireteam party chat randomly turning off in game
  • No worry about loss of spatial audio

The last three are bugs that I’ve experienced a lot on PC. All require a game reboot to fix. I’ve mostly moved from my PC back to my Series X to avoid these issues and notice just way more gameplay consistency.

Thanks, the last three bugs I’ll admit should be fixed but 343 are slower then molasses when it comes to bug fixes. So full credit there.

As for red reticle, yeah, controller has an advantage but thats only because 343 can’t stop the aim bot hack sensibly, a hack that was created by a few (scrupulous) members of the PC gaming/hacking community. So yeah, you have my agreement on that one. I hope you get it back someday. But it’s a matter of wanting a game to go off console and onto PC, then you need to be prepared to the hacks and 343 clearly wasn’t. Here’s to hoping!