I see there's still no disable crossplay option

Haven’t played in months, but was interested in team doubles. Too bad most matches are against pc players with half of them cheating and the other half having insanely fast camera turning speeds.

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Bruh most of us on pc are using a controller. You’re not losing to mnk players trust me you aren’t!


Skill issue. Also, I can use a mouse and keyboard even on Xbox One. They will likely never add anything to block cross-play, because the population is incredibly low already. They need every player they can get in the match queue. Other countries can barely get a match at all


Outright false lol. Controller players cant spin the camera that fast. I refuse to play this game until pc players are sent to the void of their own hacking lobbies.


you can better give it up that there will be ever a option coming for turning crossplay off since there not going to do it at all.
and if the population is high there still not going to do it at all.

Never say never. I actually filed a complaint with Xbox support about this not too long ago. You may not know this as a PC player, but on console we have the option to completely disable crossplay across all titles through our console home settings. Somehow a few developers have found a way to override this feature. A feature people PAID for. Per Xbox support, they are not allowed to do this.


we have been asking since the launch off halo infinite that crossplay most have a turn off option.
there are also a lot off threads about then also.
and that was in the time when the population was still high so the hope there going to do it now when the population is so crap is something i not belive in any more.

you forget something also.
Cod Warzone also got for a long time Force crossplay between Xbox console and PC players with not the option to turn it off.
you know also good that it took a long long time before activision has chance it and also add that option for the xbox console players and PC players to turn off crossplay.

and for halo infinite i see only so low hope there going to do it that its almost better to belive there never going to do it at all.
since there are a lot off other big problems more there need to deal with it first to make sure first a high popluation wane play the matchmaking at all first then there can add after that the crossplay turning off option.

the crossplay turning off option was something that has to been add since launch day and not later at all.

Asking is one thing, if it’s their prerogative to ignore that then so be it.

What I’m saying is I now have confirmation directly from Xbox support stating they are in violation. So I will continue to push for this. Bureaucracy is a slow process.

But they are effectively stealing from people.


I’m not entirely sure but I think you can still use hacks on PC while using a controller. The hack is just another program running on the PC alongside infinite? Or it’s a file swap inside of infinites game files?
So I don’t think it would matter what input you were using, if my logic is correct that is.


There is no need for crossplay, almost nobody is spending money to cheat on this game

It wont ever happen.

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there are cheating software’s for sure that can be use in a lot off game’s.
a lot off First Person Shooters use the same cheats like aim bot and wall hack.
that are 2 off the commen cheats in any FPS game’s there are using by cheaters.

so if there spent money for a cheating software for COD games or so there can be use the same software for sure for halo game’s also.
there is for sure not one cheating software that works only on 1 game.

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Me: casually hides mouse and keyboard behind my back


You’re not going to get a disable crossplay option. It makes no sense. Yes cheating is bad but I would put a major argument that console has a clear advantage over PC in this game.

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Harsh generalization with absolutely no facts/proof supporting it, backing up what you claim…

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It’s funny that you should say that because if I understood my friend right correctly the other day he was saying you can disable crossplay on your console and I never knew that.

I haven’t looked into it yet as I’ve been pretty busy but I’m going to and if this is the case (And I’m not saying you’re lying or anything) Then yeah they’re actually is a pretty good case to be made here.

I’ve got the receipts to back it up.

But here’s the instructions on how to not only disable crossplay, but cross communications as well.


I found a way that solves the problem of cross-platform with PC. Works 100%. Also, this method solves problems with: desync, broken matchmaking, lags and bugs. You take and delete the game from your console and never install it again. Now more than 4 months have passed and the flight is normal. The nervous system has recovered :slight_smile: Sometimes it becomes interesting how much the game has fallen compared to what it was 4 months ago. And I go to the forum. Nothing changes. The same problems.


If you haven’t played in months, chances are you’re going to be a bit rusty.

Doubles has to be a pretty sweaty gamemode to start off with after taking a break from the game.

Serious question: Advantage in what context?
The lack of ability to hack (minus the modded controllers) or controller over MnK’s lack of AA?