I saved a clip playing halo 5

Sorry if this isnt posted in the right place but I saved a clip onto my xbox one while playing halo and i was wondering how I could make a thread here and have the clip playing or a link to my clip?

I guess my question is how do i access the clip i saved onto my xbox one? I’d like to post the video here on the forums


Hey OP, all your clips can be accessed from Xbox.com on the clips page here. Alternatively, a lot of folk here tend to use sites like http://xboxclips.com/ - you can use that to download your clip and upload to YouTube, or make a gif of it and upload to imgur. You can’t embed clips on into posts on Waypoint but you can post links, you need to reack the rank of Marine (100 posts) to make them clickable though. If you want to share them with the community, the Community Creations forum is your place to post :slight_smile: