I said this on another post, but here is my issue with monetization

This is a rough timeline from what I have seen growing up in gaming.

Early 2000s Full release of game.

Early Mid 2000s DLC is introduced questions are raised
Mid 2000s DLC have became accepted

Late 2000s Paid DLC is normal, monetization is starting to be introduced
-loot crates sneak their way into gaming

Couple years pass

Present- Loot crates are meant with back lash, yet continue to be an issue.

Monetization is on the rise

Fortnite introduces F2P on a large scale. Introduces battlebass.

F2P, Battlepass, Monetization Era.

Things once earned now are bought for. People rather pay then earn these things. Comments I see far too much. Earning silly things use to be achievements, though people complained because they couldn’t do certain challenges/ achievements. Monetization became the way of “earning” special things.

Early 2000’s video games cost $60

Mid 2000’s video games cost $60

Late 2000’s video games cost $60

Couple years pass

Present - Video games cost $60

As time goes on and studios hire more people overtime, cost of employment goes up. Now we have dedicated servers, which cost more to run and maintain compared to P2P. Yet video games still cost $60. Revenue has to be made somewhere


IIRC Halo 2 was made by like 40 people… This is the difference, games are far more complex/difficult to create now (probably a mixture of higher resolutions and the contract work) so they essentially always go for as many ways as possible to increase profit.

I hate to be that guy but the delay was pointless, they didn’t spend the extra year doing important stuff (like basic features ala Co-op) instead they spent that time making sure Cortana butt was impeccable… I find it insane that games even bother with 5+ year dev cycles when they still come out being broken and/or unfinished.


That is actually false. Early 2000 games were around $50. Around 2010 games got bumped to $60 with the 360 release. I have now seen some games around $65.

Early monetization covered that. Many are prepared to spend $70. Yet when a game is made F2P then say they need monetization to cover that why make it F2P in the 1st place?

Many people were ready to buy Halo.

The more you talk the more you sound like you work for a studio trying to defend actions of monetization. While the normal person would argue against monetization as we have been for years.


Times change my guys. If you can’t accept this, you’re in for a rough life.

My grandpa always told me “just take college courses you want to take”, well that would be great and all but his generation took over the administrative positions and realized “if we force students to take classes they don’t need, we can get more money out of them”. And thus, his advantage can no longer be used as advice.

I would love to go back to a time when games were less segmented, but that’s not the time we live in.

This is not the reason this changed my guy, whoever told you this sold you a lie. Monetization wasn’t introduced because of gamers that couldn’t do hard tasks.

Monetization became the way of “earning” special things because it makes the company money. Full stop.

Monetization became accepted, because people could just get it for cash instead of work for it.

Not taking a stand also causes this. Just accepting it and not battling against makes it stronger. Therefore you are making it stronger.

(And for college, yeah I know. I went for game design. Yet came out with half the classes taken to get a nursing degree (associate of science), a BS in Technology Engineering Technology for Game Design, yet know more about engineering.)

It sucked, took me longer than it should. Yet when they tried to screw me over I legitimately looked them in the eye and said “My time have been wasted, and I’ve been lied to. So I will ask this am I wasting my time?” At that very moment they bypassed the classes for me and told me I will be graduating next semester or 2 after I finished the other main classes.

You gotta stand up for stuff and yourself.

If 343 cut the prices in half of everything, I bet everyone would be happy and buy the crap out stuff. My dumb butt would probably buy stuff also. It would feel like we would have won, (though it would be the opposite)