I require more Frankie.

It has dawned on we as a long time Bungie user that they have lost their community face and is seeming less and less like the warm place I once called home. I was sad when Frankie left us behind but now that I have been seeing him more and more I am reminded of his awesomeness and how much I really missed him all this time.

So Frankie I ask you this, could you show your face more? Us fans have waited far to long to bask in your magnificence once again! You head is the shining light in our hearts and minds.

He has posted here before! Not too long ago I had a thread about the next map pack, and he said “bzzzt! Wrong.”

When I heard he was taking over 343i, I pictured Futurama and Giant Robot Nixon winning the the election for President of the World. But with Frankie’s head controlling the robot.

Don’t fear the robot, fear the hair.