I refuse to play Exile.

All i can see is cons about the map, which everyone knows…what are some pros about it?

so what do you want to remove?
I cant really tell. That poll is so weird


Should the map be removed completly, or just the hog, or other. Sorry, I am celebrating for Colorado, if ya know what i mean.

Personally, I’ve only played on this map twice or so so my opinion wouldn’t matter so much. From the times I’ve played it though, I haven’t seen much of a problem. I actually find it pretty fun but this is because both times I managed to get on the gauss warthog and shoot everyone. I guess you’re the one on the receiving end so maybe they should take it out to balance it out.

If both teams got a Guass it would be better.

I need to upload some clips i have getting spawn killed no less than three times since i spawned in his Line of site. It is way OP. If a team gets Banshee, Ghost, AND gauss Hog, they can rule the match.

i dont like exile, the only reason i play it is becaue of the tank, i need tank kills