I really want to express some love for 343

Look 343 you and I know how the forums are and no game is perfect but I just wanted to come on here and post for the first time ever and say the following.

OH MY GOD, I #@!$ing LOVED THIS CAMPAIGN. Seriously I can’t express how much fun the huge fights were and how awesome the boss fights were as a challenge. Introduced tons of new characters and made Cortana the love of my gaming life the BAD GUY! I should be furious but it was so -Yoink!- well done that I’m just impressed as hell. Just fantastic gameplay and a riveting and interesting story setting up a ridiculously exciting premise for halo 6.
I’m not going to point out anything I had issues with (they are all minor anyways) since most of the people here will be doing that constantly. I will instead try really hard to express to you that you have many many MANY “silent” fans. meaning we don’t generally forums post or have twitter accounts we just play your games. I can’t speak for all of us but I can tell you an awful lot of us swore, cried, cheered, sobbed, and laughed our way through Halo 5. Good show 343 you took a epic series and made the best -Yoink!- one of them all.

Love the game and hope at least a couple of critics who don’t actually produce anything (besides hot air) give you the reviews you deserve.